Jet2 Launches Low Fare Finder

May 16, 2003 

“We are the FIRST low-cost airline in Europe to provide this quick and easy system which lets you view the lowest fare for every day, for any month & destination.”

Here are the Jet2 steps to remind you how the low fare FINDER works its magic.. by finding the lowest fares available on every day, for any month to any selected destination you can Jet2.

Select your destination and month of travel

Select your low fares and proceed with your booking

All this means no more endless searches on fussy airline websites and therefore all that is left to do is enjoy your Jet2 flight! Remember, not only are we dedicated to providing the easiest and most effective low-cost website, we will continue to pioneer investments in systems designed to make things quicker and more efficient for you, our customer.Jet2 Customer Feedback
” Brilliant system- saves loads of time not having to feed information in to system numerous times. Excellent.” M.G.

“Excellent idea!!!! I wish all sites were as easy to use. good luck” R. B.

“I think your fare finder is excellent and no one else is offering anything equivalent so far as I know.” B.J.

“Your low fare finder is the best initiative provided by any low cost airline. No doubt others will now follow your excellent example.” D.B.

” This is a great application and one other airlines will no doubt pick up in the future.” P. C.

“I think your low fare facility is brilliant as you can see at a glance the different prices through out the month. Please keep it going!” C. K.

“As a regular customer I think the concept is brilliant” M. C.

“What a great idea” A. H.

“LOW FARE FINDER – a much improved page for booking, well done!”G. B.

Source: Jet2, a subsidiary of Dart Group PLC
May 16, 2003