GDS (Global Distribution System) News

April 5, 2012

Blue Islands Implements Highest Level Participation Agreement with Amadeus

AirKiosk system customer Blue Islands, a regional carrier operating from the Channel Islands, has successfully completed a connection with Amadeus at the highest level of participation.

The new link for Blue Islands between the AirKiosk system and Amadeus includes Amadeus Active Sell, Amadeus Active Update and IATA ET (Electronic Ticketing). The link employs a direct line between the AirKiosk and Amadeus systems, carrying EDIFACT and AIRIMP messages.

Amadeus Active Sell, also called Interactive Sell, allows travel agents to access and book Blue Islands seats in real time, eliminating booking errors caused by delays in the update of seat availability displays inherent with the Type B traffic used in Standard Participation Agreements.

Amadeus Active Update, also called Dynamic Schedule, allows Blue Islands to update its schedule in Amadeus directly, in real time, eliminating the delays of schedule updates performed through third parties such as OAG and Innovata.

IATA ET is the industry standard for paperless ticketing through traditional distribution channels.

Blue Islands has been an AirKiosk system user since 2005, when it was established by Healthspan. In 2011 Blue Islands became an independent company.

Blue Islands is the premier low fare airline operating flights between the Channel Islands and to destinations in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, including London City, Manchester, the Isle of Man, Zurich and Geneva.

The AirKiosk system is a complete reservations solution for airlines, providing inventory and distribution management with integrated E-ticketing, frequent flyer programs, data warehousing, online payment solutions and seat selection and check-in, both online and at the airport.

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